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Where did I get this idea from? Why did (or should) I read this?

The opening credits of the film Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom include a section dedicated to its bibliografia essenziale.

Pasolini's film opening credits with the bibliography of the following authors: Roland Barthes, Maurice Blanchot, Simone De Beauvoir, Pierre Klossowski and Philippe Sollers.

Then I saw Luke Smith's videos about bibliography formats, primarily for academic use, and so I decided to adapt these techniques to my essential bibliography use case. I like what he says:

"I haven't read every book here, nor do I own all the books I've read or like. I also don't necessarily like all the books I own."

I should add:

Every item of this section is here for a traceable reason. I have something to say about each one, even though I may not have read it. Needless to say, I'm open to both 1) suggestions and 2) discuss any of them with you. Just get in touch!

In a way, this is part of the "dot files" of my mind configuration. I will also include other of media, such as films and artworks. Bear in mind that I'm sharing only the titles of each book entry; I usually have notes, tags, and links or exported Kindle highlights for each book, those I keep private for the most interesting use of this—I hope—lifelong project: to easily remap at any time a haphazard reading path; given that there are some periods when there is really very little logic to how I read (I try to think about this last thing more as a feature than as a bug) and here are also periods in which I don't read at all (that's healthy but it has some continuity issues, keeping with the cinematic slang).